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If we could guarantee to quickly and easily increase your website traffic, would you be interested?

Do you have these problems with your website marketing?

  • You are struggling to get leads and traffic to your website?
  • You get No Traffic from Google unless you buy it – at a high cost?
  • You can easily find your competitors sites, but not your own?
  • You know you should be doing more on Facebook or LinkedIn?
  • You have no idea where to begin marketing your website, and no time to find out

We can help you! And it’s going to be a whole lot easier and cheaper than you thought!

First thing to understand is, You are not alone

A 2018 survey of 6200 people by Hubspot Surveys found that the top marketing challenge for business was generating traffic and leads. ( You can download this report yourself for free from our friends at Hubspot –   https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics )


So, if you are one of the 63% of business owners worried about “Generating traffic and leads” then that is okay – we have the solution for you….

Already know what you are looking for? Then start by selecting the traffic option which best suits your current needs

Google Ads

For Google PPC Ads (adwords)– start here

Social Media

For Social Media (Facebook and LinkedIn) start here 

Solving Your Traffic Problem ..

A good digital marketing plan will solve your traffic problem by.

  1. Firstly determining where your potential customers can be found. Are they on Google? Facebook? LinkedIn? (All of these..)
  2. Next figuring out how your customers are looking ie what are they typing into the search bar, what are their interests on Facebook, who are they connected to on LinkedIn and so on.
  3. Then finding the best way deliver a message that will get a response ie that aligns with what they are looking for. This means well crafted ads, it means aligned and optimized website content.
    And (for SEO) this also means having a Google Friendly website. One which addresses the – many – factors that Google looks at when assessing your website eg backlinks, site loading speed etc.
  4. And to be effective it must be results oriented.  Increased traffic is important but so are conversions. A good digital marketing campaign monitors all of these factors and use these results as valuable feedback to further improve the outcomes. 

Miss one or more of these steps and you will get sub-optimal results

How to Easily Fix Your Traffic Problems..

If the steps above sound like a lot of work – you’re right, they are.
Which is where a Digital Marketing Agency like Rankwell comes in.

We do it all for you.

We have done it for hundreds of other small-medium sized businesses like yours, throughout Australia.
For over ten years
We can help you too

And getting started is easy.
Simply select how you wish to get traffic to your website below. 

So let’s get going …. 

Note: If you want a combination of these methods – or even all of them – that’s fine as well. Simply pick the main one and we can add the others on as extras.
Or if you have no idea which one is best for you, no problem!  Let’s chat. Hit us up on facebook or send us an email. 

Select the traffic option which best suits your current needs

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Do you want to get your products and services known throughout all -or part – of Australia
Or locally via Google Maps and Google My Business
Or both!
You need SEO
– start here

Google Ads

Do you want traffic your website almost instantly?
Google ads (formerly know an Adwords) will give you this if done correctly. 
(If not done correctly it will end up using all your marketing budget with no return.)
We know how to do it the right way – start here

Social Media

Do you have – or need – a social presence on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn?

Would you like to get traffic from interested buyers from any or all of these networks?
Either through paid advertising or social posts or both
Then start here 

About Rankwell

Hello, My name is Richard Law. I am the owner and manager of Rankwell – a Digital Marketing Agency based in Melbourne Australia. Now, I could easily harp on about how we provide SEO services, Local SEO, Web Design, PPC Paid Advertising, Social Media etc and probably send you to sleep. So forget that  (we can discuss these technical details later on )
For now please just let me tell you this …

My highly skilled Digital Marketing team and I can analyse your website and find out exactly what is stopping you from ranking and performing as well as you should.

Then we can fix it for you.

And you get the traffic and leads you wanted

How do we know we can do this?

We have been doing it successfully for over 11 years for hundreds of Australian business owners just like you. We have existing customers who have been with us for well over 5 years – you don’t get that if you cant produce results! I invite you to have a look at our portfolio/case study pages if you want to see some of our past results.

Otherwise we are ready to get started on your project right now… so let’s go!


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