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Attention Online Store and eCommerce Website Owners

Search Engine Optimisation is by far most cost effective ways to generate sales from your eCommerce website. 

If your Shopify or WooCommerce website is failing to produce enough sales – and you don’t know why….

The reason is probably your website’s SEO.

It’s a simple fact that a better Search Engine Optimised website gets more sales.

WooCommerce and Shopify are the two most popular e-commerce platforms for businesses that sell online. They  are both (relatively) easy to use and have a wide range of extensions and plug-ins..

However.. they are difficult to rank in the search engines without a targeted eCommerce SEO strategy. Which means your products are not being seen by the people who are searching and looking to buy. You are missing out on sales. 

Our tried and tested eCommerce SEO strategy will increase your website traffic, sales and make you more money

Here is what some of our happy customers say

Based on 10 reviews.
NICK 777
NICK 777
22. December, 2021.
My name is Nick and I run my own house painting business. For the past 4 months my websites quotation form was not working and unfortunately the person who built the website for me couldn't work out what the problem was. To say that I was frustrated is an understatement. As you can imagine most clients use the quotation form and a non functioning quotation form means a loss of money. That's when I searched online and found RANKWELL. It was a Saturday and I thought it would be difficult to find someone. I was lucky enough that Richard answered the phone and informed me that he could definitely fix the issue. What can I say, within a few days he had the issue resolved. I found Richard to be very genuine and honest. A real pleasure to deal with. In a few weeks Richard will be beginning an SEO campaign for my website. So for any SEO, DIGITAL MARKETING, ADWORDS, etc please go and see Richard. Thanks again RANKWELL
WWW Cleaning Supplies
WWW Cleaning Supplies
22. June, 2020.
Professional, reliable and honest
Will Walker
Will Walker
22. June, 2020.
Richard's SEO and digital marketing services are highly professional. He provides monthly reports, detailing the work completed and progress made. His services are vast, and he's been able to advise us on each area of our online presence. He's honest and reliable in an industry where there is a lot of scamming. We can't recommend his team enough.
Deborah Marinaro
Deborah Marinaro
22. June, 2020.
We love working with Rankwell. Richard is very knowledgeable and responsive. We have seen great results both in our SEO rankings and Adwords campaigns after just some short months, and look forward to continued growth with Rankwell's help!
shani designs lighting
shani designs lighting
17. June, 2020.
Laura Harbeck
Laura Harbeck
16. June, 2020.
I have been with Rankwell for 18 months now and my business has grown bigger and bigger!! I have even stopped advertising with other sources, saving me so much money. Richard and his team are experts in their field and such a pleasure to deal with. I am very grateful to Rankwell for helping me to grow my business (I have had to add 2 employees!!) Couldn't recommend Rankwell high enough.
Thomas Sparks
Thomas Sparks
25. April, 2020.
Richard and the team are great operators and have really helped our accounting business get better google results. If you are serious about investing in you web presence definitely use Rankwell.
Jacqueline Kalab
Jacqueline Kalab
1. August, 2018.
I have to say... I'm so impressed with how well Richard of Rackwell understood what was needed and how efficiently he and team executed it. Rankwell was suggested by a friend but I hesitated for a while. I have dealt with so many website people over the years and - even though they were very good - I always have found the process just so daunting and exhausting. But to the contrary, with Rankwell, i couldn't believe how simple, straightforward and entirely effortless the process has been. I was also impressed with how much they were able to do for my website, outside of SEO. Richard was mindful of my budget ande provided really great solutions that worked within it. He understood exactly the unique needs were for our website and didn't try to push anything beyond those needs, but still provided great suggestions. This was extremely refreshing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rankwell's services and they are no officially on my must-have supplier list.
Wayne Gorman
Wayne Gorman
11. May, 2018.
Richard has created some amazing results, with clients stating that their searches for my category of service hit my page straight away. The clients were happy with the search and that they could call me and chat with me virtually instantaneously.
Wayne Gorman
Wayne Gorman
12. November, 2016.
Rankwell has created some amazing results with clients stating that their searches for my category of service hit my page straight away. The clients were happy with the search and that they could call me and chat with me virtually instantaneously. I am very happy with Rankwell and Richards work.

Let us show you how we can help you

eCommerce SEO Prices

Prices are indicative and accurate for most projects.
If you require something bigger or more complex we can still assist you.
A full quote as well as expected outcomes will be always be given

** the recommended ad spend is $2000+ per month for Google Ads or $3000+ per month for Google Ads+FB Ads.
However smaller ad budgets from $1000 per month upwards are fine as well.
But these will need to be assessed individually for each project to be sure that we can get you sufficient traffic with the smaller ad spend.

PS: Do you only service or sell to a smaller geographic areas (such as a suburb or city)??
Our local SEO offering can be found here Local SEO Services

Or if you have a service site or smaller eCommerce site have a look here – SEO Services

Also you can see some case studies and results obtained here



How is eCommerce SEO any different from "normal SEO"?

Many of the principles used to rank a services website apply to ranking an online shop as well. Both sites have to be well structured and based around the correctly researched keywords. 

However unlike a services website you also have category pages which need to be optimized and tens to hundreds of individual product pages as well. Image optimisation is also especially important.

There is a lot more to be done in a typical woocommerce or shopify website. 



How Long Does SEO take?

SEO can provide great results, but only with the right time investment.
Sorry to say but SEO is not instant (This is not by our wish or design but how Google themselves have set it up.)

There are roughly three specific criteria which determine how long your SEO will take to get results:

  • competition
  • inbound links
  • content

Also it takes time to research your market industry and competitors along with performing necessary analyses and producing SEO optimised content.

So exactly how long it takes will vary from website to website

But for the sake of a concrete answer, for most website you can start to see the effects of a fully fledged SEO strategy within 6 months. You may see results sooner than this or the process could take upwards of a year for highly competitive niches

The good news is that we do not tie you in to any long term contracts or agreements. We are confident enough in our ability to get your site ranked that we don’t need to lock you in.  Our philosophy is – We get you results and you will stay.


Where Do "Organic Results" get Shown?

In an ideal world your site listing (known as the organic listing) will appear at the top of the page – maybe under a few Google Ads (or not)
However Google is constantly adding new feature blocks such as images, videos and “people also asked” sections above the organic listings. This pushes these rganic listings further down the page. 

For this reason we do not rest with simply getting you on page one. Our job and our key metric is more organic traffic. That traffic may come from an image or a video or a question… whatever it takes to get you more business. We also offer complementary ads in both Google and Facebook to drive in paid traffic as well (additional costs apply)


How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Good question! We believe in complete transparency and have no desire to waste your time (or ours) – So our prices are listed on this page.

If they fall within your advertising budget then let’s get started.

If not, we understand. With a bit of patience and learning and time you will probably be able to do a lot of it yourself. Check out our blog section for helpful articles and tips


Who Are You?

We are a Melbourne based SEO company. Our main website is and we have been in the SEO business for over 10 years.  We created this website because we fully believe every Australian small business can benefit from being in the local search rankings. It is their most important online marketing channel. And there is so much to say about it – it needs its own website!


How Do I get Started?

Another Good question! We want to make sure that we can absolutely help you so first thing we need to do is have a look at your website, if you have one. And your GMB Listing (again if you have one) and see what the general level of competition is for your region and your business. plus have a chat with you about what outcomes you want to achieve.

Then we can compose a personalised local marketing plan just for you. This is all free of obligation or charge. ( We hope you will like what you see and proceed with us of course )


How Do I Know I can Trust You?

We get it. You may have been burned in the past by less scrupulous providers.

Why not take up our no obligation, free Website Analysis service and see if we really do know what we are talking about.

And also, for your peace of mind, we do not have lock in contracts. All plans are month-by-month. Just give us a couple of weeks notice and you can finish anytime. Of course you won’t want to as we aim to helping to make you much more money than the service costs


What about paid traffic?

Paid Traffic via Google Ads and/or Facebook ads are a great add on to any SEO projects. Many of our eCommerce SEO also use Google Shopping ads and Facebook ads to drive even more traffic and sales. 

Note: We offer Google Ad Management and FB Ad Management as an add on service(s) to your SEO. Once your organic traffic from SEO is at a high level you may wish to scale back and save some money. Or ramp it up even more. The choice is yours.

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