A successful marketing strategy can mean the difference between being in business and out of business. But relying on outdated marketing strategies is a quick way to a dead end.

Marketing techniques of yesteryear employed tactics that cast a wide net but often didn’t focus efforts directly on reaching the highest quality leads.  Cutting edge marketers soon figured out that radio and TV gave them an opportunity to effectively target their advertising to specific demographics.

What Is Laser-Targeted MarketingThey looked for broadcasting outlets in target markets that were doing well with their specific targeted demographic and ignored the others. They understood the power of targeted marketing.

That concept has been further refined in the internet age. Laser targeted marketing now requires a business to engage their audience with quality content spread across a number of online formats.

Why is this important? As marketing guru Neil Patel has explained, “I’ve found that the right content will drive traffic, engagement and conversion.”  So, the use of properly targeted content directly affects your bottom line.

What Is Laser Targeted Marketing In 2021?

Laser targeted marketing means focusing your marketing content to your specific niche market. Your goal is to provide some content that is of value to your niche, or as Forbes.com has said: “highly targeted content is extremely relevant to a small number of people.”

You must first define your average customer. You can create a fictional persona of your average customer incorporating their buying habits, likes and dislikes, their income, etc. Then tailor what you write to this person.

Understanding the buying cycle of your potential customers is important here as well. You need to understand the research the customer goes through before making a purchase and what factors go in to their buying decision.

In order to reach your specific niche target audience, you have to understand how they consume information. Is your average customer online or offline? If your average customer gets their information offline, you still have to be in the world of direct mailing and even public speaking engagements. (People still do this in 2019!) If they’re online, make sure you have a solid presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other important social media platforms to present your online blogs.

Once you have the attention of your niche market online, you can direct the readers to landing pages on your website. You can use links in your blog for this or invest in paid ads.

The goal of all of this is to put your effort towards marketing to that hypothetical average customer who is most likely to purchase your product or service rather than spending your time and money reaching out to low percentage, low return sales prospects.

How Do You Achieve the Right Targeted Content?

laser targeted traffic 1Neil Patel has said, “stick to relevant topics, find and use the right tone, and you’ll build an audience that trusts you.” This means you don’t have to bend over backwards to be clever to your audience.

What your content must be is interesting and relatable to your specific target audience. Remember your hypothetical average customer? What do they want or need to read about?

There’s also a lot of data and information out there that can be passed on to your readers. Relevant quotes and citations from reliable sources add to the credibility of your writing and help inspire trust in your readers, which is one of your main goals.

You can get even closer to your audience if you take the time to answer their specific questions directly. The modern social media environment, for all its faults, is an ideal forum for this kind of direct interaction with your potential customer. If you can provide credible answers to their pressing questions, you will build their trust.

This is the concept of laser targeted marketing as it exists today. Hopefully you can incorporate some of this information in your marketing materials and help increase your conversion rate with your target audience.


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