A question we often get asked at Rankwell is “how long will it take for my site to rank well on Google?”

We fully understand why someone would ask this and wish there was a straight forward answer to this – the actual answer is “it depends” (Sorry!!!)

It depends on your website age, content, niche, competition and many other factors. 

In the video below ( FROM GOOGLE  in 2017 ) they say SEO takes 4 – 12 months to see potential benefits.

( You can see the whole post from google here )

We work on a 6 month minimum project length for this reason. 

We also publish case studies showing improvements made over a 12 month period of time – so you ca be assured that we can and do get results. 

NOTE: There are other short term strategies which will give a much faster boost in traffic. For example Google Ads. But these almost always end up costing more over a 12 month period than a good SEO project, so are always used in addition to an SEO project and can be scaled back if required as search traffic improves.

This is why it is always a good idea to have a plan of attack for the next 6 – 12 months

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