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Getting traffic and leads is a common problem for most small business owners. Until today….


Rankwell is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimisation for local and national business. We drive real traffic to your website that converts into business and sales.

Local SEO for Business

Worried About Traffic ? You're not alone...

According to a survey of 6200 people by Hubspot Surveys 63% of business owners are worried about “Generating traffic and leads”
( ref:   https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics )

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right digital marketing strategy, you can grow your business faster than ever before.

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Rankwell Digital Marketing Will Get Real Traffic To Your Site

We offer expert SEO Services that generate organic as well as paid traffic solutions. As a leading digital marketing agency, our team consists of top-notch SEO consultants, PPC Marketing Specialists, and Social Media Ads Professionals.

We can make your company’s website and Google listing generate more leads and increase sales

We know it can be difficult to know where to start. You may have already jumped into digital marketing with the best of intentions. You have probably spent hours on social media, created a blog, and done everything else you can think of. But you still aren’t attracting the right kind of customers.

Digital marketing is definitely the best way to reach your target audience.

But it is time consuming and sometimes difficult.
It requires extensive know-how.
It requires keeping up to date with the latest changes.
And you have got other things to do!

That’s where we come in!

SEO is more than just ranking well ….


Rankwell is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimisation for local and national business. We drive real traffic to your website that converts into business and sales. But its more than just ranking position and keywords ….

Organic Ranking this is no longer the key metric for SEO that it used to be.

Even once we have you on page one, (even position one) there may be things like local maps listings, a “people also asked” section and a Google Ads section above your top organic listing. These items are know as “SERP Features

This means people need to scroll down the page quite a bit, before they see you.

And this affects the click through rate – people who actually click through to your site

So simply saying we got you on position one is not enough. We tackle this by making sure you also list in as many SERP features as possible

Thus our key metrics that we measure success by are


  • ORGANIC TRAFFIC – non-paid traffic from Google.
  • And number of inquiries or sales created from this traffic.
  • As well as the ranking of the chosen keywords.

About Rankwell

website checker.,rankwell,SEO Australia,SEO Audit,check website,SEO checker

Affordable SEO Services


Hello, My name is Richard Law. I am the owner and manager of Rankwell – a Digital Marketing Agency based in Melbourne Australia. ( Digital marketing agencies use various techniques to increase your website traffic, and thus give you more website inquiries and sales).

My highly skilled Internet Marketing Team and I, can analyse your website and find out exactly what is stopping you from ranking and performing as well as you should.

So if you’re looking for our National SEO services or Local SEO then we can help.

We can get you get the traffic and leads you want

We have been doing this successfully for over 12 years for hundreds of Australian small business owners just like you. We have existing customers who have been with us for well over 5 years – you don’t get that if you can’t produce results!

Contact us and let’s see what we can do to help you too.

SEO services by Rankwell Digital Marketing. We are a Melbourne based SEO Agency

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How Good Is Your Website SEO?

Find Our With A Free Website SEO Audit


This free website analysis will look for any SEO errors on your website.
(Fix these and you will increase your rankings and get more traffic.)

  • Find out why your website isn’t ranking as well as it should be

  • Check and see if your website loads so slowly that people leave straight away

  • Check if your website is secure

  • Confirm if Google considers your website to be mobile friendly

SEO Audit

Increase your Search Rankings!

With Rankwell’s in-depth SEO Audit and Analysis report, you’ll know EXACTLY where your website stands with Search Engines. We’ll also provide a recommendation for what changes you need to make to improve your rankings.

Get More Traffic From Google

You can use SEO to rank for highly targeted keywords. This makes it easier for you to get more traffic from Google. Follow the steps in your free SEO audit to learn how to improve your website’s SEO.

Get More Customers

Our free SEO audits are created by professional SEO specialists. We will provide you with ideas on how you can improve your website’s SEO now. Claim your free SEO audit to learn more.

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