In order to make the search engines give your WordPress site a good ranking, there has to be more than wonderful content. There are a few concrete steps that you should be taking to make sure you’re not lagging behind when it comes to search engine rankings. We will look at some of these things in this article.

Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners (Step by Step)

Keyword in the Title: The search engines lay strong emphasis on the title of webpage, since the title is shown in the search engine results when someone searches for a particular keyword. This is why the title of your page should include your keyword, but it should be done with finesse. Placing the keyword in the title does not mean that you should go out of your way and stuff your keywords in it. It’s actually about being a little creative when it comes to title creating and ensuring it carries meaning. Your visitors should get a clear idea what your site is about by reading the title. Don’t try to include a keyword just for the sake of it, especially if it doesn’t seem to be fitting well. Don’t sacrifice quality of content simply to create a title that features the keyword.

Activate the Trackback Feature: This allows you to access all the blogs that have already linked to you. Having trackbacks activated in your WordPress blog means that you will get a lot more relevant and quality links from other blogs since it provides an encouragement for them to link to your blog. Trackbacks make it easy for people to gain incoming links, and since backlinking is a highly important part of SEO, you need to take action and get as many links as possible.

Getting Your Images Search-Engine Ready: Once you have started posting quality content to your blogs, you clearly want to add another dimension by allowing others to taste as well and giving me advice. If you look around at the top blogs, you’ll find that most of them have relevant images displayed along with their posts, that support what their post is about. So while you’re adding images, don’t forget to optimize them for the search engines. You are a big step ahead of everyone else from an SEO standpoint, so you should take it a step further by optimizing your images correctly. ALT tags and image names are a great way to show people what the topic of the image is and also presents and invaluable opportunity to include more keywords. Search engines love images and people will be able to find your images both by searching through images as well as seeing how their site rankings increases after optimizing it for the search engines.

SEO for WordPress

Wordpress SEOThese tips may look simple to you, but they will definitely make a difference to your rankings in the long run if you take action and apply them. Remember, to keep enjoying the benefits from WordPress, you will need to tweak your site continuously and make the necessary changes to ensure you keep your ranking.

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