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You don’t just “need a website” – you need a web presence. According to a recent study 50% of small business owners in Australia do not have a website. This is a surprisingly high number. Especially since a website is an required component of just about any online marketing strategy. If you want traffic from Google – you had better have a (google optimised and user optimised) website.

Web Design – Three Things You Must Have In Your Website

Mobile Friendly

A website MUST look good across all devices that people use to search the web-  including tablets and especially mobile phones. Just look at how many people access the internet on their phones every day, and you will see why that is important. As a web designer this means paying attention to text size, layout and easy to read sections. Not only is this important to your end users it is also important to Google as well.  Recent changes in their algorithm favour sites with good mobile compatibility. So if you site isn’t mobile-friendly it is less likely to rank well in Google. Google even have a free mobile friendly check you can do here 

User Friendly

For most business owners your website will be a marketing tool. And often as the first point of contact with your business it must look clean and professional and encourage the visitor to stay and find out more. But as a marketing tool looking pretty is not enough. If it isn’t easy to navigate, doesn’t have a clear message and simple call to action points then it isn’t going to do your business much good at all. (Have you ever left a website simply because the information you were after wasn’t easily accessible?) As a digital marketing agency we design website that not only look good but they also direct and capture the visitor’s attention. We will give you a website that is easy to use that markets your business!

Google Friendly

Getting onto Google Maps or page one of the Search Results doesn’t just happen because you have a website! Many web designers are not well versed in Google’s guidelines for web sites. So they can build you a nice website sure, but unfortunately Google will have no idea what it is about and so it will never get highly listed. We web designers AND digital marketing AND SEO specialists as well. A website from us will have all the basic on-page points in place to help Google easily place it in their search engine listings.  And then you can easily add either a Local SEO or a National SEO campaign without having to do a major website redesign!  This saves you time, money AND get’s you results faster!

Why Choose Rankwell for Web Design

Rankwell will save you time and money.
You can call us – on the phone-  as we are local (Melbourne)
And we know what we are doing – having been in web design 14+ years now.

We will build you a website that works well and has all the required Google factors in place from the start! (or if you already have a website which is in need of an overhaul ….we can help there too.)

As a digital marketing agency we provide a local, single point of contact for all on-going website related matters, now and in the future.

How Your Web Design Project Would Be Created

Stage 1. Setting Up Your Website

Firstly through either phone consultation, an emailed questionnaire or face-face meeting Rankwell will gather all the relevant data required to build a website that meets your requirements

Website Construction Commences

  • Setting up server / hosting – take advantage of out 1 year free hosting on our fast servers.
  • Mapping of Domain Name or setting up of development domain if you already have an existing website
  • Creation of 3 -5 email boxes – start using a professional email address straight away
  • Installation of WordPress
  • Installation and configuration of premium and vital wordpress plugins to ensure website is easy to update, is secure and is SEO friendly
  • Under Construction Page in place with only yourself and Rankwell having access to the actual website in development

Based on your specifications you will be presented with three possible mobile friendly website layouts of which you should chose one. This layout can be further revised one more time to more closely suit your exact requirements

If you have opted for us to also enter your website content then you will also be advised what is required and what format to provide it in, at the beginning of stage 1.
(We also have an additional copywriting service should you wish to have some assistance here)

Specified pages are then created and placeholder text inserted so you can visualise how it will look

Stage One is now Complete and Website is ready for Content



Stage 2. Adding Your Content (optional)

If you have opted to add the content of your website yourself then the project would have ended at stage 1 with a fully functioning and beautiful website ready for you. Full video instructions on how to enter the data would also have been provided.

However it is most likely that you will have opted for us to input an format your data for you to ensure maximum SEO effectiveness (there are certain structures that Google looks for in order to assess your website). If that is the case then this is the second stage of your website project.

Website Content and Images Set Up

  • You would have been given a formal outline of what data is required at the start of Stage 1, and barring any unfortunate circumstances this should hopefully be all ready for input*
  • Any images provided will be optimised for website insertion – so as not to slow down the loading speed of your webpages.
  • Any stock images you have found that you have selected will also be optimised and inserted.
  • Content will be inserted and formatted using suitable header tags – important for SEO
  • As each page is created the various online SEO factors such as structure, meta titles, meta descriptions etc will also be crafted and inserted to ensure maximum “crawl-ability” upon the website going live
    This includes configuring the SEO plug in(s) added in stage one.

You will be able to monitor the progress as it is done and can have the text revised on any page up to two times.

Your site will now be at the final step of stage 2 – which is testing.
All email forms, products (if applicable) etc will be tested and made sure they actually work as intended.

Stage Two is now Complete and Website is launched- live on the internet

*If you are unable to get your content together in time we can provide you with the services of a professional copywriter ( costs apply) or we can defer the commencement of stage two for up to 3 months. 

Do You Already Have a WordPress Website that Just Needs “Fixing”?

Your current website may not be performing as it should for a number of reasons.
Some of these might be

  • wordpress website has not been maintained, and so plugins and themes are out of date
  • your original web designer is no longer contactable and you need updates done
  • your website has been hacked
  • it was never completed in the first place!

We will help you to get your website back up and running quickly and  can offer ongoing support and maintenance to protect your business online from facing such problems again in the future..

Just fill out this form and we will contact you quickly.

Let Rankwell Fix your WordPress Website

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The websites we build are based on the WORDPRESS platform which makes them easy to update and very SEO friendly.  If you already have an existing website you wish to to be updated we would move it to a wordpress-based website for you as part of the process.  All web sites created come with on-page SEO included, hosting included (if required) and the option to continue on with SEO or Local SEO (or both) at a discounted rate. Please fill in the form on this page for a free quote. Or if you prefer please call us on 0409 148 366


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