Starter SEO Services – On Page Optimisation
No Monthly Contract

A one-off service designed to get your web site “Google Friendly” 

Starter SEO Services – With No Monthly Contract

Often when people think of SEO, they think of long term projects with monthly payments
We understand that not all businesses have the budget for this (yet)
We also know that simply getting the basics right can get make a huge difference to your website traffic.

There is a one-time SEO action we can do which can help boost traffic and sales considerable. And that is On Page Optimisation – the core part of this starter SEO services package

The Starter SEO Service

Having a website that looks nice is one thing, but how does it look to the search engines?

When Google scan your site it is looking for specific things – called on-page factors – which will tell them what your site is about and where best to place it in the listings.
This on-page optimisation is the core part of any SEO program
Getting this part right is a major step towards a high ranking website
In fact in lower competition websites or for websites that are used for showroom/ catalogue purposes rather than marketing purposes this may be all the SEO you need. And it is certainly a great start in nay case.

This SEO Starter package has as its core step full on-page optimization of your website. But it is also more than that. 

Here is what you get

  1. Full High Quality SEO audit.
    This is not just one of the computer generated audits that are available in many places. Our team examine your site and do keyword research to show what exactly needs to be done to your website
  2. On Page Optimisation to correct ant SEO errors that are stopping your page/site from ranking well
  3. Web Site traffic monitoring and reporting so you can see it is working and watch how your website traffic improves
  4. Google My Business Profile Optimisation (optional)

SEO Audit

Full High Quality SEO audit.
This is not just one of the computer generated audits that are available in many places. Our team examine your site and do keyword research to show what exactly needs to be done to your website

On-Page Optimisation

The SEO audit will show where your site needs to be optimised. Now we will do it for you.
We will fix on-page errors or guide such as 

  • Proper use of keywords and related terms in the page title and header titles (h1,h2,,h3)
  • Correct internal linking and page structure
  • Quick page loading time
  • Optimised Images with Alt-text which clearly describes what they are about
  • Correctly formatted code which indicates locality and language etc
  • Secure website (https) being used

Stats Dashboard

It is all very well to say we have fixed your website but how do you know it did any good? 
We provide you with 6 months of website monitoring free of charg

Google My Business

Google My Business Set Up (optional extra)

This is essential for local service providers.

When someone searches for a particular business type or industry, google personalises the results based on the searchers location and prioritises the listing results for that locality. It is estimated that more than half the searches performed on Google have local intent 

Getting your business on the Google My Business (GMB) Directory allows you to appear for that local search, both in the Local Finder page and ultimately in the snack pack top-three listing on page on for Google. ( This is the top three listings for that search are shown in Googles map pack, which often appears before the organic search results.)

Your GMB listing also allows customers to leave reviews- which are very powerful decision drivers and you can also post blogs and discussions about your business right there on the front page of Google!.  

It is very important to have high visibility in the local search results. We will fully set up and optimise your GMB listing so that you can start to capture that local traffic. 

Starter SEO Package + Google My Business Optimisation

AUD$950 + GST/One Off Payment
  • Any website, whether it’s a newly built project or a very old website that’s just never had much SEO attention paid to it, will have a number of On-Page issues on it.
  • We will fix those On-Page errors.
  • Up to 250 of them to be exact – sufficient for most websites with 5 – 10 pages
  • (we will advise you if we feel you would benefit from more than 250)
  • Google My Business Optimisation 

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