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Your competitors are gaining customers and you don’t why! The answer is your website’s SEO.

When your website’s SEO is as good as it can be, you’ll be climbing the rankings. You’ll have more time to spend doing what you love.

We can boost your website up the rankings and get it showing for the best, most relevant searches. This will bring more qualified, organic traffic to your site, which will mean more inquires and sales for you.

A better Search Engine Optimised website gets more traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most cost effective ways to generate more leads and sales for any business.

SEO Process

How much does SEO cost?

We believe in keeping things simple – and affordable.

The majority of our customers are small business owners who do very well on a 20 keyword plan.
Meaning we optimise your site and work on getting it ranked for 20 of the best, most relevant search phrases.

The cost for this is just AUD $695 + GST per month

(Full details of a typical SEO Plan are at the bottom of this page)

(If you have a larger site or an eCommerce site you will probably need more than 20 keywords though.
This is no problem and we will be able to advise you on this after we have completed the initial audit on your website. )

With that in mind here is the SEO marketing plan you will probably be recommended ……

Again, we will confirm this once we have assessed your website and looked over your required outcomes and goals. At which point a full comprehensive plan for the next 6 months will be presented to you before we commence.

Prices given are in Australian Dollars

How Long Does SEO Take?

SEO can provide great results, but only with the right time investment.
Sorry to say but SEO is not instant (This is not by our wish or design but how Google themselves have set it up.)

There are roughly three specific criteria which determine how long your SEO will take to get results:

  • competition
  • inbound links
  • content

Also it takes time to research your market industry and competitors along with performing necessary analyses and producing SEO optimised content.

So exactly how long it takes will vary from website to website

But for the sake of a concrete answer, for most website you can start to see the effects of a fully fledged SEO strategy within 6 months. You may see results sooner than this or the process could take upwards of a year for highly competitive niches

The good news is that we do not tie you in to any long term contracts or agreements. We are confident enough in our ability to get your site ranked that we don’t need to lock you in.  Our philosophy is – We get you results and you will stay.

Our SEO Services

Google Search looks for many factors relating to your website, when it is assessing where to place it in the search engine rankings. This is not always a straight forward procedure and can be a minefield for those who don’t know the (latest) rules – which change regularly.
This requires a multiple disciplines (link building, copy-writing, market research…) and much technical know-how.

But it is absolutely worth it – the rewards for getting to the top of page one are huge!
Here is what we will do for your website to make sure it ranks well

Keywords Research

Sometimes what you think people are typing in to the search box to find your website is NOT actually what they are typing in!

They might be using a variation or even completely different phrase from the ones you thought.

As a business you you also want to rank well for many keywords with good commercial intent. You want people who are ready to buy.. not students doing a research assignment!

Knowing what phrases are the best ones to target is called keyword research and it lays the foundation for all future SEO.

This is the first step of all of our SEO programs

On Page Optimisation

As SEO experts we can now take the keywords found in step 1 analyze your site against them.

Does your website align with these phrases or not? Is the content consistent with them and structured correctly?

We provide all the recommended changes needed to fully align your website with your keyword research  and desired outcomes. This is often called on-page SEO.

If you have wordpress website we will make these on-page adjustments for you.

By doing this you are presenting your website in the manner that Google has asked for. And this is a huge step towards attaining high rankings for your website.

Link Building

Given you now have a well researched and optimised website the next thing is we get other sites to link back to it. Links from other quality, relevant sites tells Google that your website is an authority in its given area.

Add to this some social media (facebook, LinkedIn etc) to further enhance this and create a buzz.

Maybe throw in a press release or infographic for good measure (and diversity)

And do all of this is such a way that complies with Google’s guidelines and wont get your site banned or blacklisted.

This is called back-linking and it can be very tricky – which is why we do it for you!

Local Profile Boosting

For most localised searches the Google Results page shows a box with a map and the three top local providers. This is sometimes called the Snack Pack. This box also connects through to the Google Maps / Local Finder Page where more businesses are also listed.

Being listed here (especially the snack pack) is the most important thing a local service provider can do with their SEO.

How well you rank locally is closely tied in with your Google My Business (GMB) profile. We will create and optimise your GMB listing, help you get reviews, build citations form other online directories and post to the GMB profile on a regular basis.

These regular LOCAL SEO actions will drive local customers to your website and/or to your door.

Results Based Reporting

How do you know that these actions are being done?
More importantly how do you know if they are helping to improve your website performance and your bottom line?

At Rankwell we believe in full transparency so all SEO projects have their own “Stats Dashboard” 
This will show you at a glance – both in table and graphical form – the key stats for your website.

You can see your traffic and how it is trending, the phrases you are ranking for and whether this is up or down on last week. You can see how you fare against your competition and so much more.

You will have 24 hour/7 days a week access to the dashboard – so you can see instantly just how effective (or not) the campaign is.

MOST POPULAR:  Small Business SEO Plan (20 Keywords)

Just $695/month + GST

  • Ideal for Service Websites or Local Business providers
  • Fully Managed.
  • We do all the work for you… keyword research, building links and SEO actions for 20 keywords
  • Accurate rank monitoring  –  know where your website site ranks right-now at a glance.
  • Website Audits. Checks your SEO progress with the regular crawl comparison
  • We are here should you ever need us. We are an Australian company based in Melbourne
  • Includes Advanced On Page Optimization & Link Building
  • 24 / 7 access to the customer dashboard so you can always see where your website is at.
  • Local SEO optimisation for Google My Business and Google Maps. Including weekly posting to your profile

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And we are a local Digital Marketing Agency – based in Melbourne – so our time zone is (probably) the same as yours.

For the sake of full transparency our SEO Services start at $595/month + GST for a 20 keyword plan – this includes Local SEO (Google Maps).

Larger plans are also available and you will be given a no obligation quote when we have assessed your website.

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