On Page SEO Starter Service

These SEO analysis actions are performed as the starting steps of any of our monthly SEO Services. They are brought to you here as a one time (non recurring) service which will give you the vital research data you will need to begin to optimise your site yourself. It will also provide you with some very useful information as to what your competitors are doing.

On Page SEO Starter Service

We will analyse three main areas

  1. In Depth SEO Audit
  2. Competitive Analysis for TWO of your competitors
  3. Keyword Research for your website

This will put you in the best possible position to then adjust your website and align its content and metas to maximise your chances of ranking well on Google.

Cost for these three in-depth analyses reports is only AUD$95 + GST
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Website Analysis and SEO Audit

This thorough analysis of your website will uncover any errors in your SEO strategy. If you make the suggested changes to your website, you can expect to see a boost in search engine results and higher traffic.

  • Find out why your website isn’t ranking as well as it should be
  • Check and see if your website loads so slowly that people leave straight away
  • Check if your website is secure
  • Confirm if Google considers your website to be mobile friendly
  • Scan the website pages for META issues such as duplicate or missing titles and descriptions
  •  Potential technical and code issues

Competitive Analysis Report

This detailed and comprehensive website competitive analysis will survey two of your competitors sites and uncover how you can drive more traffic to your site. We’ll report back exactly what terms they are ranking for, the position they rank and the number of visitors they receive.

If you ever wondered what your competitors were up to then this will tell you. See at a glance where they are doing well and use this data to refine your own keyword list. Identify points of diference which you can then market your site for.

Keyword Research Report

 This is a comprehensive list of keywords that are related to your website. This keyword research checklist will provide you with information about long-tail keywords, related keywords and less competitive keywords that have the potential to bring in more traffic.

Use this vital information

  • to structure your website correctly for SEO
  • to optimize your page titles and meta descriptions to align with the most valuable customer search inquiries
  • as the starting points for new blog post and pages.

Use This Data To Increase your Search Rankings!

With this in-depth SEO Audit and Analysis report, you’ll know EXACTLY where your website stands with Search Engines.

Simply follow The Recommended Steps To Improve your SEO

We’ll also provide a recommendation for what changes you need to make to improve your rankings. Do them yourself or pass them on to your web developer

No On-going or Recurring Costs

Cost for these three in-depth analyses reports is only AUD$95 + GST
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