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The Fastest Way To Get Qualified Leads and Inquiries 

A Lead Generation or Sales Generation Funnel can convert traffic into leads and sales 3 to 4 times better than your current website.

Start by booking a free consultation call with us. We will suggest a lead generation strategy that suits your goals and your budget. 

What A Funnel Does – And A Website Doesn’t

Sales and Lead Funnels are one or more coordinated and carefully designed webpages which have one goal and one goal only – to generate more leads & sales for your business.

Most websites are designed for sharing knowledge and information, for branding or to act as an “online catalogue”
Some do this well, many don’t.

Even with a website designed to convert visitors into inquiries or make sales, you will be lucky to have a 2 or 3% success rate. This means 98% of the traffic going to these sites is wasted. And chances are, it was paid traffic as well! This is because you only have one-shot at getting the visitor to take action. 

So what’s missing? .…. a funnel

Start by booking a free consultation call with us. We will suggest a lead generation strategy that suits your goals and your budget. 

Want to Learn More About Sales Funnels and how to 3 -4 x your conversions?

Then download and read this free guide where you will learn

  • Why A Sales Funnels Works
  • How many Funnel Steps Are Optimum ?
  • A Typical Five Step Sales Funnel and Why It works
  • Targeting Your Audience and Finding Leads
  • Persuasive Writing and How to Use AIDA in Your Marketing
  • Adding Polish and Mixing it Up – The Bit Everyone Forgets
  • Building Trust and Creating Fans For Life
  • Improving Conversion Rates

Just tell us where to email it to……

 The Process

What we do for you is this….

DESIGN A GREAT LANDING PAGE FOR  YOU: Using our vast web design, SEO and internet Marketing resources we create a beautifully optimised landing page or sales page. This page is designed with a single goal in mind…. ( Which might be to get sign ups or subscribers of even to make a sale of a lower cost entry item). This may include making a video for the landing page, as well as crafting the offer to make it irresistible, all graphic, fonts and colour choices picked by our expert copywriters and designers.

But that’s not all. Once the initial action has been taken ( eg subscribed to your list) the visitor is smoothly moved to an equally beautiful thankyou page where they receive their promised item (Which we can also create for you!) and also a one-time exclusive offer if you have one. This is sometimes called an upsell – and it is used by the biggest marketing companies every single day to multiply the income generated from their hard won customer traffic.

We can repeat this again if you have a second, alternative or complimentary upsell 
Many people will take you up on your upsell offers. Some wont for various legitimate reasons.
But that’s okay because we have their details which they willingly gave!

DRIVE TRAFFIC TO THE LANDING PAGE FOR YOU Drawing on our vast experience in Google Ads and Social Media ads we design a advertising campaign which completely aligns with and matches you landing page and offer. This includes all ad graphic ad copy.

FOLLOW UP WITH A WELL CRAFTED EMAIL SEQUENCE FOR YOU Once we have the visitors details we then continue to communicate with them via email. This increases their trust in you and makes them more familiar with what it is you do and what you offer. Thus making it more likely they will buy from you again or think of you when they need your services. They will receive three emails over the period of two weeks. 
Note:  Once we have complete the email sequence the prospects details are yours to keep – you can continue to nurture and build the relationship for as long as you wish ( you should definitely do this).

Remember – without a funnel you can hope for a one-time conversion rate of between 1% and 3%

With a sales funnel you can easily reach a conversion rate of 25% – 35% from the same traffic.

Which would you prefer?


But before you do you probably have one vital question. How Much Does This All Cost?

The best thing two things about this set up of lead generating pages combined with effective paid advertising is it is fast and it is very affordable

We can have your lead or sale funnel set up in a few weeks and traffic arriving at it immediately afterwards

Cost for this service is just AUD$2995 + GST for a THREE MONTH project
This includes everything… landing page design and hosting , ad design, ad management and even ad spend of $1000** per quarter with either FaceBook or Google Ads or both
(* After the three month period we can continue on on a month by month basis from $695 per month) 
** If you wish to increase your ad spend to get even more traffic then you can definitely do this – just let us know)

Sound Good?

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