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Facebook has always been an amazing platform for marketers, and one of its most powerful marketing solutions is Facebook Ads, which is the platform’s own advertising network.

And today we are going to show you how you can use the Facebook advertiser dashboard to generate laser-targeted traffic for your online business, on any budget, step by step.

Getting Started

To create ads on Facebook, you should access the Facebook Ads manager. Log in to Facebook, and click on the menu button from anywhere on the homepage. Now click on the “create ads” option.

Setting Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

When you create an ad campaign on Facebook, the first step is to select a marketing objective. There are several marketing objectives that you can choose from, and each one is optimized to help you get the best results according to your goals.

In this case, because your goal is to generate qualified traffic to your online business, you should select “traffic” as your marketing objective. Click on the “traffic” option.

Now you should customize your new campaign. Enter a name for the campaign in the “campaign name” field and click on “set up add account”. Now select your “account country”, the “currency” that you are going to use for billing, and your “time zone”. Now click on “continue”.

Setting Up Your Ad Set

Now it is time to set up your ad set. The ad set includes your traffic destination, your target audience, your ad placements and your budget. Start by entering a name for your new ad set in the “ad set name” field.

Now select where to drive traffic in the “traffic” section. You can send traffic to four different destinations: a “website”, an “app”, the Facebook “messenger”, or to “WhatsApp”. This lesson is focused on targeted website traffic, so make sure to select “website” as the traffic destination.

Next you should set up your audience in the “audience” section. Facebook allows you to hyper-target users based on information saved in their accounts, so targeting the perfect lead on the platform is easy.

Start by selecting your audience locations. To target a location, you’ll just should type the name of a location in the “locations” field, and then to click on the name of the location in the results. You can target several locations at once.

Next you should select the minimum and maximum “age” of your audience, the “gender” of your audience, and your audience “languages”.

In the “detailed targeting” section you can select to “include” or to “exclude” people in your audience based on demographics, interests, or behaviors. This will allow you to only show your ads to users that fit your criteria.

Here you can also select “connections”. For example, you can select “friends of people who like your page” to only show ads to users that are friends with your page fans.

Next you should select the placements where you want to serve your ads, in the “placements” section. Selecting “automatic placements” will show your ads on multiple placements automatically, where they’re likely to perform best.

Or select “edit placements” to select your own placements. When you select this option, you’ll be able to narrow down your target placements by removing placements from Facebook, Instagram, the Audience Network, and Messenger.

Lastly, you should set up your “budget and schedule”. Facebook allows you to select from two types of budgets. Select “daily budget” if you want to spend a specific amount daily. And Select “lifetime budget” if you want to spend a specific amount for the entire campaign until that amount is depleted.

You can generate and build qualified traffic by selecting “daily budget” and entering an amount between $5 and $10. Test this amount for a week and scale up by $5 increments when you see positive results.

Now select a schedule. There are two types of schedules. Select “run my ad set continuously starting today” if you want to run your ads right after you set up your campaign. Select “set a start and end date” to set a launch and an end date.

Review the information that you entered and then click on “continue” to move on to the next step.

Creating Your Ad

Now it is time to create the ad that you’ll use to generate traffic from Facebook to your online business. Start by entering a name for your new ad in the “ad name” field. Now select the Facebook Page that will represent your business in the “identity” section.

Now select an ad format in the “format” section. The available ad formats are “carousel”, “single image or video”, and “collection”.

Image and video ads perform best, so for this example we’ll select “single image or video” as the ad format.

When you select “single image or video” as the ad format, you should upload the media that you’ll use in your ad. Scroll down to the “media” section, then select “image” or “video/slideshow”. Now click on “upload”, locate the media on your computer, and double click on it to upload it.

Next you should customize your ad. Start by selecting “website” as the link type for your ad. Now enter your website’s URL in the “website URL” field. Now enter a brief description of your business, offers, content, or products in the “text” field.

Now enter a headline that is 40 characters long or shorter in the “headline” field. Now select a call to action button for your ad from the “call to action” menu.

You can preview how your ad will look on different placements by using the slider buttons in the “ad preview” section.

The last step is to click on “confirm” when you are ready to launch your ad. The ad will be submitted for review, and it will be approved in five to fifteen minutes.

This is the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to drive qualified, laser-targeted traffic from Facebook to your online business!

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