From July 2018 Google have been making speed a ranking factor within mobile search results, but some people seemed to have missed the memo. Certainly, this speed update will affect only the worst pages since the intent of the query is still one of the strongest signal. Thus slow pages can still enjoy higher ranking if they offer relevant content. But why risk it?

User Experience

Also, it’s not just about Google. Speed is a key factor when it comes to user experience as well. A 2017 Google study revealed that 53% of the visitors abandoned sites that took longer than three seconds to load! Now that might be hard to achieve for many sites –  especially if you have high quality images and videos on your site but you can still work on the aspects that can be improved.

Test Your Website Speed For Free

You can use Google’s Test My Site to check your page load time, approximate percentage of visitors you are losing and other aspects of your site that need improvement.  It’s quick, comprehensive and FREE.

Get Expert Help

Need help with improving page speed? We can help. Just reach out to us and let us do the rest. We would suggest starting with the free SEO audit which will not only look at page speed but also other factors which may impact on your overall website rank. 
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