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  • Do you know why your website isn’t ranking as well as it should be for your key phrases?

  • Is your website so slow that visitors leave before it is fully loaded??

  • Does your website have hidden security problems which may be impacting on its usability and traffic?

  • Is your website mobile friendly or is it repelling mobile users?

  • Does your website have enough authority to rank well?

  • Would you like to know how to optimise you site so you get more traffic, more inquiries… more business?

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Note: your Site Audit will be carried out by our team  and sent to you within 24 hours. Usually much sooner. Any advice given is indicative and should be implemented by an experienced SEO specialist or web designer . Your report be emailed to you so please ensure you put in your best email address.


How an SEO Audit will Help You

Getting more traffic to your website can be difficult. Search Engines like Google rely on many factors to rank a website.

There are many things you can do to improve both the traffic and conversion of your site — but first you need to know where it currently stands.

Also there is such a wide range SEO methods available to choose from, that finding the exact ones needed to improve your website can be tricky.

You certainly don’t want to be working on SEO factors that are already satisfactory ….. or worse still, irrelevant!

This free SEO analysis will tell you exactly what changes you need to make to improve your SEO ranking and boost your traffic.

And it is completely free

All you need to do is fill in the form on this page

I will email you the complete report and analysis within 48 hours

And I am happy to jump onto a quick phone call to explain any bits you don’t get, afterwards.
If you want.

The first step to improving is to find out what is wrong and then work out how to fix it.

This free SEO audit does just that – it will show you where your website stands with the search engines – and tell you EXACTLY which changes to make.

The  parameters analysed in the report are

    Review the main parameters of your website
    Сheck how well your titles and meta descriptions are optimized for a search query
    See how well a URL is optimized for a search query. Don’t miss any SEO fundamentals
    Check whether and how a search engine ‘knows’ about your page’s existence
  • Run the audit and see how you can optimize your web page images
    Discover whether your content is SEO-friendly and keyword-optimized
    Analyze all external and internal links on your web page
    Get a clear view on whether your h1-h6 tags are optimized for a search query
    Check how fast a page loads up and discover ways of speeding it up
    Find the most common words and phrases on a page
    Discover how many social signals your landing page has up to date
    Make sure that you use valid markup, the favicon is in its place, the 404 error page is customized and your page is safe and ready to go

This audit will tell you the exact reasons why your website is struggling to rank, along with my own personal suggestions for improvement.

Yes, I look at the data generated by every website audit and personally analyse it.

This is not a robotic audit ,,, this is from me. ( And it takes me a fair bit of time to do each one )

What I will give you is extremely valuable information …

.. but don’t worry ’cause it wont cost you a thing!

It is entirely up to you whether you wish to make my recommended changes yourself

… or give it to your web development team to implement

… or engage our services, here at Rankwell, to get it done for you.

There is no obligation.

Simply Fill In the form 

I will email you the complete report and analysis within 48 hours

What Others Say About Rankwell

(Our Verified Googe Reviews)

Based on 10 reviews.
NICK 777
NICK 777
22. December, 2021.
My name is Nick and I run my own house painting business. For the past 4 months my websites quotation form was not working and unfortunately the person who built the website for me couldn't work out what the problem was. To say that I was frustrated is an understatement. As you can imagine most clients use the quotation form and a non functioning quotation form means a loss of money. That's when I searched online and found RANKWELL. It was a Saturday and I thought it would be difficult to find someone. I was lucky enough that Richard answered the phone and informed me that he could definitely fix the issue. What can I say, within a few days he had the issue resolved. I found Richard to be very genuine and honest. A real pleasure to deal with. In a few weeks Richard will be beginning an SEO campaign for my website. So for any SEO, DIGITAL MARKETING, ADWORDS, etc please go and see Richard. Thanks again RANKWELL
WWW Cleaning Supplies
WWW Cleaning Supplies
22. June, 2020.
Professional, reliable and honest
Will Walker
Will Walker
22. June, 2020.
Richard's SEO and digital marketing services are highly professional. He provides monthly reports, detailing the work completed and progress made. His services are vast, and he's been able to advise us on each area of our online presence. He's honest and reliable in an industry where there is a lot of scamming. We can't recommend his team enough.
Deborah Marinaro
Deborah Marinaro
22. June, 2020.
We love working with Rankwell. Richard is very knowledgeable and responsive. We have seen great results both in our SEO rankings and Adwords campaigns after just some short months, and look forward to continued growth with Rankwell's help!
shani designs lighting
shani designs lighting
17. June, 2020.
Laura Harbeck
Laura Harbeck
16. June, 2020.
I have been with Rankwell for 18 months now and my business has grown bigger and bigger!! I have even stopped advertising with other sources, saving me so much money. Richard and his team are experts in their field and such a pleasure to deal with. I am very grateful to Rankwell for helping me to grow my business (I have had to add 2 employees!!) Couldn't recommend Rankwell high enough.
Thomas Sparks
Thomas Sparks
25. April, 2020.
Richard and the team are great operators and have really helped our accounting business get better google results. If you are serious about investing in you web presence definitely use Rankwell.
Jacqueline Kalab
Jacqueline Kalab
1. August, 2018.
I have to say... I'm so impressed with how well Richard of Rackwell understood what was needed and how efficiently he and team executed it. Rankwell was suggested by a friend but I hesitated for a while. I have dealt with so many website people over the years and - even though they were very good - I always have found the process just so daunting and exhausting. But to the contrary, with Rankwell, i couldn't believe how simple, straightforward and entirely effortless the process has been. I was also impressed with how much they were able to do for my website, outside of SEO. Richard was mindful of my budget ande provided really great solutions that worked within it. He understood exactly the unique needs were for our website and didn't try to push anything beyond those needs, but still provided great suggestions. This was extremely refreshing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rankwell's services and they are no officially on my must-have supplier list.
Wayne Gorman
Wayne Gorman
11. May, 2018.
Richard has created some amazing results, with clients stating that their searches for my category of service hit my page straight away. The clients were happy with the search and that they could call me and chat with me virtually instantaneously.
Wayne Gorman
Wayne Gorman
12. November, 2016.
Rankwell has created some amazing results with clients stating that their searches for my category of service hit my page straight away. The clients were happy with the search and that they could call me and chat with me virtually instantaneously. I am very happy with Rankwell and Richards work.

Why Do You Need SEO?

The sad truth is, a lot of people probably aren’t even looking at your website.
They’re going past it and not even giving you the chance to impress them.

Chances are they don’t even know it exists because it is hidden in the rarely explored pages of Google ( which is anything beyond page 2 or 3 )

That’s what SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about — getting more people to notice your website and take action.

SEO is what allows customers to find you when they search on Google.

Better SEO means

  • more people clicking through to your site
  • more people buying your products, or making inquiries, and
  • more money coming into your business.

But SEO is not easy!

It takes a lot of time and effort, and you might need to learn a few new things about website development as well as keep up with the frequent Google updates. It is quite time consuming!

That’s where I come in.

Richard Law Rankwell

My name is Richard Law, and I know I can help you get more traffic to your website.

My team and I, here at Rankwell, have tens of years of experience in helping small business owners just like you.

Without fail our clients increase their sales and generate more leads.

And we can help you as well.

PS: There really is no catch

I will personally provide you with a clear, actionable, prioritised list of recommendations to help improve your website rankings and get more customers.

This comprehensive SEO report is ideal for finding out how Google sees your website and how you can improve your ranking.

You can implement it yourself.

Or you can get us on board to do it for you.

The choice it yours.

PPS: Don’t Take My Word For it – Try Us For Free

I know we can make your website stands out from the crowd.

But I also know you may have heard this many time before!

So to show you that we do genuinely know what we are talking about all I ask for, is the chance to prove it to you.

By giving you this free SEO audit report of your website

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