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Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, we can help you design an Internet marketing campaign that can help you reach your goals.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Some of  the digital marketing service we provide are listed below

SEO Services Melbourne

Google looks for many factors relating to your website, when it is assessing where to place it in the search engine rankings. This is not always a straight forward procedure and can be a minefield for those who don’t know the (latest) rules – which change regularly.
It is also time consuming and requires multiple disciplines (link building, copy-writing, market research…) and technical know-how.

But it is absolutely worth it – the rewards for getting to the top of page one are huge!

When your website’s SEO is as good as it can be, you’ll be climbing the rankings. You’ll have more time to spend doing what you love.

We can boost your website up the rankings and get it showing for the best, most relevant searches. This will bring more qualified traffic to your site, which will mean more inquires and sales for you.

A better Search Engine Optimised website gets more traffic.

SEO Audit

How Good Is Your Website’s SEO?

Bad? Not sure?

Find out with our Free SEO Audit

With this free SEO analysis tool, you can quickly and easily get the SEO quality of your website. Simply enter your website to receive a detailed  analysis of your site’s SEO and learn what might be holding you back from ranking with Google. This is a great place to start in your journey towards better tarffic and return from your website.

Our SEO website review service is designed to help all types of website identify where their site is falling short in terms of search engine visibility, potential visitor traffic and user experience. Taking into account both your overall goals and SEO specific goals, our analysis will equip you with a set of actionable recommendations and practical points to improve your site’s performance.

SEO Melbourne Prices

We believe in keeping things simple – and affordable.

The majority of our customers are small business owners who do very well on a 20 keyword plan.
Meaning we optimise your site and work on getting it ranked for 20 of the best, most relevant search phrases.

The cost for this is just AUD $695 + GST per month

(If you have a larger site or an eCommerce site you will probably need more than 20 keywords though.
This is no problem and we will be able to advise you on this after we have completed the initial audit on your website. )

With that in mind here is the SEO marketing plan you will probably be recommended ……

Again, we will confirm this once we have assessed your website and looked over your required outcomes and goals. At which point a full comprehensive plan for the next 6 months will be presented to you before we commence.

Prices given are in Australian Dollars

Social Media Management (SMM) Melbourne 

It is guaranteed that your audience can be found, right now , on one or more social media platforms. And if you are not there, talking to them, they may not even know who you are! Social media is unique in that it can be carefully geared to reach an exact demographic, an exact audience. This is very powerful.

However promoting your business via social media has to be done with an understanding of the rules for each platform. And by creating and posting good content regularly to those platforms. Do that and you will raise your customer awareness and interactions.

But it has to be done regularly – ie every day or every second day! This is time consuming to do yourself.
We are here to make it much easier for you!

Use social media to grow and expand your business, your brand and increase customer interaction and sales.

Our most popular Social medial Management (SMM) Plan is just $595+GST per month  – see below


Small Business Plan (Posting Every Other Day)

Just $595/month + GST

What you get

  • 13 piece of content created and posted for you every month x 3 networks = Up To 39 posts per month
    Fresh monthly content perfect for smaller budget and posting every other day.
  • We will post these to any three of the following networks – pick any three
    Google My Business

Need more posting? Say daily or twice daily?
No problem just let us know and we will provide a very competitive quote.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads is one of the fastest way to get your website listed at the top of the search engine listings. With a Google Ads campaign you could literally be receiving traffic from Google within the hour.

However the platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) basis, i.e. you have to pay every time a visitor clicks your ad.
Plus how much you pay per visitor depends on how many people are competing for the same position and the quality of your web page (or landing page).  So unless you know how to optimise your campaigns and get the best Return On Investment  (ROI) then it will quickly drain your marketing budget and leave you with nothing.


Manage Google Ads

That is where we come in – the Rankwell team includes Certified Adwords Consultants who know how to get you the best value for your adwords campaign.
We do the Google ads related stuff for you -You look after the new customer inquiries and sales.

Cost for a managed Google Ads Campaign start at $395+GST per month.

IMPORTANT: These are the campaign management costs and are exclusive of advertising costs – which are paid directly to Google

Facebook Advertising Melbourne

Our Social Media Advertising  using FB Ads is a recurring monthly management service.

It includes creation, posting and management of your social media adverts. (on both Facebook + Instagram)

It also includes the very powerful re-targeting technique offered by Facebook. This allows us to show visitors to your website multiple ads over a period of time after they have visited your website (but not yet become a customer or subscriber)

    FB automated Ads

    Effective Social Media Advertising’s focus is on generation of leads and sales for your business.

    Types of Advertising This works best for

    • Direct ads / Sales
    • Brand awareness
    • Traffic (website visits)
    • Page Likes
    • Re-targeting (FB only)
    • Store traffic (Brick and Mortar)

    Cost for a managed Google Ads Campaign start at $495+GST per month.

    IMPORTANT: These are the campaign management costs and are exclusive of advertising costs – which are paid directly to Facebook

    About Rankwell

    Hello, My name is Richard Law. I am the owner and manager of Rankwell – an SEO Company in Melbourne Australia. ( SEO Companies use various techniques to increase your ranking in the search engines and thus your website traffic,website inquiries and sales). 

    We also offer a range of other Digital Marketing Services as well. So if you’re looking for  SEO services, PPC Paid Advertising (search engine marketing sem) , Social Media Marketing , Local SEO or Web Design, then we can help.

    We can get you get the traffic and leads you want

    We have been doing this successfully for over 12 years for hundreds of Australian business owners just like you. We have existing customers who have been with us for well over 5 years – you don’t get that if you can’t produce results! 

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