sales funnel

Create a sales funnel to capture more business

It’s just not possible to find out all there is about online marketing but the effort is worth trying. Choosing those methods that are better aligned with your business will bring you the most leverage. If you’re not afraid of hard work, then you’re in the minority and can take advantage of it.

It is important that you continue trying to build your marketing list so that you can earn all of the rewards that you have heard so much about that come from list marketing. If you are like most online marketers and other larger businesses, you probably have your opt-in box located in an obvious spot where everybody can see (and probably ignore) it. Here’s something you can test today after you take the time to do it right. Sell the subscription and your opt-in giveaway–that freebie that you have to offer. When you do not know what this means, you should create the pre-sell copy for it or a brief sales letter for the two of them. Combine them into just one piece of copy so that you can see what happens. From here, eschew the typical opt-in box site users are used to dealing with in favor of a small but well written ad that will make your site visitors want to know more about the offer that you are promoting. I understand that you probably haven’t seen this approach quite a lot. How much do you know about pre-selling copy or do you even know what that is? If you lack familiarity with the term, you need to learn it because this is a type of marketing that you need to understand. Preselling is copy that is not actively trying to sell anything because it’s written in a neutral tone and style. You never want readers to think you’re trying to sell them anything with this type of copy. That might seem simple enough now but it is actually quite difficult to do well. If you’re brand new to pre-selling, you will understand what we are talking about before long. Pre-sell copy can be quite an effective way to open your readers’ minds. It is also really great in helping you reduce any resistance to the sales copy you put up later.

As of the fall of 2012, you can expect to pay for your listings within the search engines and for your products and product reviews. At the time we are writing this, this is how Google has decided that things ought to be. At the same time, things may change tomorrow. But Google tends to be pretty good about things when they make these kinds of announcements. At the same time, this isn’t the best situation for small businesses. The big companies have big budgets an it is not that big a deal for them when new costs arise.

At least you’ve got some time to get ready and to make the necessary adjustments in your marketing. As always, it’s a smart thing to put more diversity in your marketing so you’re not dependent on Google.

Building on what you know about online marketing is the way to go. There are a million sources of information on the net and you have a lot to choose from. The thing you want to have is fun with this, and you should not do it if you’re unhappy.