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Hello, My name is Richard Law. I am the owner and manager of Rankwell – a Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Company, based in Melbourne Australia.

SEO is our specialty. We have been able to help many Australian business owners here in Melbourne and Sydney (and around Australia) to grow their businesses for over ten years now. ( Even recently, despite the various restrictions to movement, travel and rules about how things can or cant be sold.)

Now, more than ever, your business need to be promoting its services and products to an ever increasing online public.

Contact us and let’s have a chat of how we can help you. Or take us up on the offer of a free website audit.

PS: Do you only service or sell to a smaller geographic areas (such as a suburb or city)?? Our local SEO offering can be found here Local SEO Services

We also have a specialised SEO service for eCommerce sites

PPS: You can see some case studies and results obtained here https://www.rankwell.com.au/casestudies/

Rankwell Will Get You Real Traffic

SEO is all about getting more traffic and conversions.

Our expert SEO Services will increase your company’s traffic, leads and sales via your website and your Google Business Profile

Based on 10 reviews.
NICK 777
NICK 777
22. December, 2021.
My name is Nick and I run my own house painting business. For the past 4 months my websites quotation form was not working and unfortunately the person who built the website for me couldn't work out what the problem was. To say that I was frustrated is an understatement. As you can imagine most clients use the quotation form and a non functioning quotation form means a loss of money. That's when I searched online and found RANKWELL. It was a Saturday and I thought it would be difficult to find someone. I was lucky enough that Richard answered the phone and informed me that he could definitely fix the issue. What can I say, within a few days he had the issue resolved. I found Richard to be very genuine and honest. A real pleasure to deal with. In a few weeks Richard will be beginning an SEO campaign for my website. So for any SEO, DIGITAL MARKETING, ADWORDS, etc please go and see Richard. Thanks again RANKWELL
WWW Cleaning Supplies
WWW Cleaning Supplies
22. June, 2020.
Professional, reliable and honest
Will Walker
Will Walker
22. June, 2020.
Richard's SEO and digital marketing services are highly professional. He provides monthly reports, detailing the work completed and progress made. His services are vast, and he's been able to advise us on each area of our online presence. He's honest and reliable in an industry where there is a lot of scamming. We can't recommend his team enough.
Deborah Marinaro
Deborah Marinaro
22. June, 2020.
We love working with Rankwell. Richard is very knowledgeable and responsive. We have seen great results both in our SEO rankings and Adwords campaigns after just some short months, and look forward to continued growth with Rankwell's help!
shani designs lighting
shani designs lighting
17. June, 2020.
Laura Harbeck
Laura Harbeck
16. June, 2020.
I have been with Rankwell for 18 months now and my business has grown bigger and bigger!! I have even stopped advertising with other sources, saving me so much money. Richard and his team are experts in their field and such a pleasure to deal with. I am very grateful to Rankwell for helping me to grow my business (I have had to add 2 employees!!) Couldn't recommend Rankwell high enough.
Thomas Sparks
Thomas Sparks
25. April, 2020.
Richard and the team are great operators and have really helped our accounting business get better google results. If you are serious about investing in you web presence definitely use Rankwell.
Jacqueline Kalab
Jacqueline Kalab
1. August, 2018.
I have to say... I'm so impressed with how well Richard of Rackwell understood what was needed and how efficiently he and team executed it. Rankwell was suggested by a friend but I hesitated for a while. I have dealt with so many website people over the years and - even though they were very good - I always have found the process just so daunting and exhausting. But to the contrary, with Rankwell, i couldn't believe how simple, straightforward and entirely effortless the process has been. I was also impressed with how much they were able to do for my website, outside of SEO. Richard was mindful of my budget ande provided really great solutions that worked within it. He understood exactly the unique needs were for our website and didn't try to push anything beyond those needs, but still provided great suggestions. This was extremely refreshing. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rankwell's services and they are no officially on my must-have supplier list.
Wayne Gorman
Wayne Gorman
11. May, 2018.
Richard has created some amazing results, with clients stating that their searches for my category of service hit my page straight away. The clients were happy with the search and that they could call me and chat with me virtually instantaneously.
Wayne Gorman
Wayne Gorman
12. November, 2016.
Rankwell has created some amazing results with clients stating that their searches for my category of service hit my page straight away. The clients were happy with the search and that they could call me and chat with me virtually instantaneously. I am very happy with Rankwell and Richards work.

Would You Like To See How We can Help You?

Start here with a free SEO audit of your website here.

How our SEO Is Done

Google Search looks for many factors relating to your website, when it is assessing where to place it in the search engine rankings. SEO is all about making sure your website is giving Google (and your visitors) the best possible information.

This is not always a straight forward procedure and can be a minefield for those who don’t know the (latest) rules – which change regularly.

It also requires skills in multiple disciplines (link building, copy-writing, market research…) and much technical know-how.

But it is absolutely worth it – the rewards for getting to the top of page one are huge!

Here is what we will do for your website to make sure that YOU rank well

Knowing what phrases are the best ones to target is called keyword research and it lays the foundation for all future SEO. It is one of the most important steps. This is the first step of all of our SEO programs.

As a business you you also want to rank well for many keywords with good commercial intent. You want people who are ready to buy.. not tyre kickers or students doing a research assignment!

We can now take the keywords found in step 1 analyze your site against them.

Does your website align with these phrases or not? Is the content consistent with them and structured correctly?

We provide all the recommended changes needed to fully align your website with your keyword research  and desired outcomes. This is often called on-page optmisation.

If you have wordpress website we will make these on-page adjustments for you.

By doing this you are presenting your website in the manner that Google has asked for. And this is a huge step towards attaining high rankings for your website.

Lastly – but certainly not least – we will devise a content plan for your website (where appropriate). Google loves to see fresh content posted to your website or blog. You can write and add the content yourself ( and we will optimise it) – or you can engage one of expert copywriters ( extra costs apply) – to make sure your site is one that Google favours.

Given you now have a well researched and optimised website the next thing is backlinks.
Links from other quality relevant sites and directories tells Google that your website is an authority in its given area.

And maybe throw in a press release or infographic for good measure (and diversity)

And do all of this is such a way that complies with Google’s guidelines and wont get your site banned or blacklisted.

Also in this area is included internal linking – how the posts on your website link to other related content on your website is a crucial factor

This is called back-linking and it can be very tricky – which is why we do it for you!

For most localised searches the Google Results page shows a box with a map and the three top local providers. This is sometimes called the Snack Pack. This box also connects through to the Google Maps / Local Finder Page where more businesses are also listed.

Being listed here (especially the snack pack) is the most important thing a local service provider can do with their SEO.

How well you rank locally is closely tied in with your Google Business Profile (GBP). We will create and optimise your GBP listing, help you get reviews, build citations form other online directories and post to the GBP on a regular basis.

These regular LOCAL SEO actions will drive local customers to your website and/or to your door. In addition to all other natioanl SEO actions

How do you know that these actions are being done?
More importantly how do you know if they are helping to improve your website performance and your bottom line?

At Rankwell we believe in full transparency, so all SEO projects have their own “Stats Dashboard” 

You will have 24 hour/7 days a week access to this stats dashboard – so you can see instantly just how effective (or not) the campaign is.

You can see at  a glance your traffic and how it is trending, the phrases you are ranking for and whether this is up or down. You can see how you fare against your competition and much more.

* Important Note on Keywords

For the sake of simplicity, and to allow you to compare our plans to other offers you may have received, we have listed our SEO services according to number of keywords targeted.

However this is no longer the key metric for SEO that it used to be. Even once we have you on page one, position one  there may be things like local maps listings, a “people also asked” section and a Google Ads section above your top organic listing. These items are know as “SERP Features

This might mean people need to scroll down the page quite a bit, before they see you.

And this affects the click through rate – people who actually click through to your site

We tackle this by making sure you also list in as many SERP features as possible

Thus our key metrics that we measure success by are


  • ORGANIC TRAFFIC – non-paid traffic from Google.
  • And number of inquiries or sales created from this traffic.
  • As well as the ranking of the chosen keywords.

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