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search engine marketingGoogle looks for certain factors relating to your website when it is assessing where to place it in the rankings. They want to see a properly optimised site (not over optimised) with quality and relevant backlinks from well respected sites. The process of setting this up is called SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. And it is a constantly changing minefield for those who don’t know the (latest) rules.

I have a well researched and successful search engine optimisation strategy which works for most sites.

I simply give Google what they want and they reward your site with higher ranking.
(note what they want isn’t always what they say they want. Or sometimes they want things that they don’t tell you!)

This is not a small or even an easy task but it can be done and the rewards are great.
This is also why I do all my SEO personally rather than outsource it and risk quality problems.
This also means I only ever take on a smaller number of projects and I NEVER take on two projects that are in the same niche as that would be a conflict of interests.

Here is what is involved in most SEO projects

Keyword Research

Sometimes what you think people are typing in to to find your website is NOT actually what they are typing in. They might be using a variation or even completely different phrase from the ones you thought. Also it is important if you run a site offering products or services that you pick keywords with good commercial intent. You want people who are ready to buy – not people doing research or tyre kickers. Knowing what phrases are the best ones to target is called keyword research and it is the first thing I will do for you

On Page SEO

As an SEO expert I will take the keywords we have now identified and analyze your site against them. Then I will and provide all the recommended changes needed to fully align your website with these phrases – all in accordance with the most current Google guidelines. This is often called on-page SEO. You website designer should be able to make these updates easily. Or I may be able to do it for you (fee may apply) By doing this you are presenting your website in the manner that Google has asked for.

Link Building

Given you now have a well researched and optimised website the next thing is to get other people to link back to it. By getting quality links from sites in relevant, related fields you are letting Google know that your site is an authority in its given area. Add to this some social media (facebook, pinterest, twitter) to further enhance this and create a buzz. And do all of this is such a way that complies with Google’s guidelines and wont get your site banned or blacklisted. This is called backlinking and it can be very tricky – which is why you need is an SEO company like Rankwell to do it for you!

I would like to see if I can help you with your website and SEO as well

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This will tell me about your business and your goals and your marketing budget and will allow me to assess if we are a good match – ie allows me to be sure if I am able to help you (or not).

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I can create a fulll SEO campaign for you.. from keyword research, on-page optimisation through to link building. If your website is built on wordpress I can also install a few plug ins which will help get you listed higher faster.

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