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Why Your Internet Marketing Isn’t Working

1. Can You Be Found At All?

According to AusRegiistry there are over 3 MILLION websites registered. A simple search in Google will routinely bring back 6 million or more results – for a local search term.  These are big numbers and the chances of your website being found “by chance” in this are very small indeed.

2. Are You On Page One?

Also is is well documented that about 92% of people don’t look beyond page one of the search results. So page one is where the action is at – and there are only ten slots available!! If you are not on page one you won’t see much traffic. Sorry.

Even if you ARE on page one – with each revision of their algorithm Google seems to be pushing these ten “organic” listings further and further down the page. They now lie under the adwords results and the local search results and maybe even more (like google news and images).  This means people have to scroll down the page to see your listing… especially of you are in positions 5 to 10.

3. Do People Hear What You Have To Say?

Once you DO somehow get traffic to your site it is not unusual for 80% or more of it to leave immediately having taken no action. This can be for various reasons such as the site was slow to load, it didn’t answer their question properly or didn’t tell them what to do. This is called the BOUNCE RATE .. A high bounce rate means most of the effort put into to getting that traffic was wasted.

Addition to this –  what do you do with your very hard won web inquiries? The ones who call or fill in the email form on your website? Do you respond straight away? (In person …) – do you have a plan of what do with them?

Ok but you still have 20%, right? Kind of… remember that only a small percentage of these people will be ready to sign up or buy straight away anyway. If you so if you don’t have some way to capture the details of and continue to talk to these prospects then you will never get a chance to win their trust and eventually their business. They will go elsewhere… Of course I am talking about email marketing here. As well as social media (facebook and twitter)

So you can see marketing on the internet is not as simple as throwing up a rough website and expecting it just to magically bring in new customers. This rarely (never?) happens.

first page traffic is 92%
Bounce rate is nearly 8 in 10 visitors

What to do now

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I can build an online marketing plan to suit your budget, big or small. I specialise in helping small business owners who are often time-poor and wear too many hats. Give me those unwanted internet marketing hats so you can get on with running the business.

And It doesn’t have to be expensive – it can even be rolled out in stages. Done correctly the return in terms of new business should more than pay for itself many times over. Imagined we only manged to double the number of sales you got from your web site. ( a modest goal)  What would that mean to your business? (The real question then is can you afford not to do it!!)

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